Saturday, August 13, 2011

Share ideas!

Hoping we can use this blog to build on our work in the book and the workshops, to share ideas toward collaborative research. Last workshop we talked about key principles that underpinned school-community engagement for equity as trust, respect, recognition, participation, cultural responsiveness, taking time and redistribution of power and resources. Perhaps there are also other principles that have been neoliberalised and need reclaiming?
At the last workshop we also identified conceptual frameworks we thought may be important in progressing our work - country, kin and stories; architectures of practice; absences and silences; cultural consciousness; dialogue; praxis; social imaginary; after neoliberalism/governmentality; and hopes and desires exemplified in network processes - food, song, ukeleles! We will have a draft workshop program to you soon, including suggestions for dinner after the workshop. The Spanish food and dancing, including Dave's elegant cameo, is a hard act to follow, but the uni is surrounded by a smorgasbord of eateries (if that's not overdoing the language of hopes and desires?!), so we will find somewhere conducive to turning that framework into practice.
Please add new posts and let's try to take time for thinking together, suggesting research directions, what and how you want this network to be, do.
I haven't figured out yet how to post papers but I'm sure Deb will help us out. Would be great to see some abstracts forthcoming from anyone keen to pursue a special edition journal.
Best wishes to you all. Dorothy